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Course Description

Gain the basic skills you need in Macedonian to provide a solid basis for further language learning.

The course covers the simple main areas of grammar and basic vocabulary. You’ll learn how to use the language in simple and familiar everyday situations.

You’ll practice all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with particular emphasis on oral communication.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to modern Macedonian language and culture while ensuring a solid command of the fundamental grammatical structures. The course is conducted according to the textbook Teshkoto (The Difficult) by Dr. Simon Sazdov, professor of modern Macedonian language at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. Throughout the course, the author masterfully introduces and guides the beginners through the network of basic communication, linguistic and cultural models and contents, making the difficult easy.

This course is in line with European standards for language acquisition at the initial level.


What Will You Learn?

  • How to pronounce words properly in Macedonian
  • Expand your Macedonian vocabulary
  • Speaking about family, home, shopping, time
  • Talk about body, feelings, food and drinks
  • Learn key phrases for business travel
  • and much more!


Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Our course is suited for anyone wanting to learn the language.
  • Gain a better understanding of the Macedonian culture
  • Expand your social network
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Increase business opportunities locally and internationally
  • Add new skills to your resume



By the completion of this course, students are expected to acquire a proficiency level of “Novice High” in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Some students may achieve “Intermediate Low” or better in one or more area.

Students at this level should be able to:

  • Read and write the language and comprehend short conversations on everyday topics.
  • Write and translate simple texts, write short essays, letters, and advertisements.
  • Make polite requests, ask for information, respond to requests and descriptions, impart personal information, have simple discussions on familiar, everyday topics, and make apologies.


In addition, the course will help students recognize common knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behavioral patterns of the Macedonian people, and to detect and conform to fundamental verbal and nonverbal cultural norms.



This course is suitable for those who have little or no knowledge of Macedonian. No knowledge of grammar is assumed and there are no entry requirements


Course info

Course length                                   30 weeks (over 2 terms)

Time commitment                           60 hours (2 hours a week over 30 weeks)

Maximum class capacity                10

Delivery method                              Online, in a virtual classroom



A personalized certificate to add to your resume or share on social media is issued on completion of the course.


What’s Included

  • Access to the learning platform
  • Online instructor-led training in a virtual classroom
  • Interactive learning activities with instant feedback
  • Certificate of Attendance


Lead instructor

Simon Sazdov is a full professor at the Department of Macedonian Language and South Slavic Languages ​​at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje. He graduated in 1990 at the same department, in 1996 he defended his master’s thesis “Feminatives in the Macedonian standard language”, and in 2004 his doctoral dissertation “Semantic word formation in the Macedonian standard language” at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje. In the period 2012-2017 he was the head of the department. Fields of narrower professional interest: cognitive linguistics, semantics, syntax, word formation. Coordinator of the Spelling in the Macedonian language (2015). Head of CETIS MAK (Center for Testing and Certifying Macedonian as a Foreign/Second Language).



  • 8 payments of 6.000 MKD over 8 months, or
  • 1 payment of 43.200 MKD (10% discount)


Payments are in Macedonian denars. As of September 2021:

6.000 MKD = 158 AUD | 114 USD | 98 EUR | 85 GBP | 145 CAD

43.200 MKD = 1137 AUD | 819 USD | 704 EUR | 609 GBP | 1042 CAD


Wait List

Occasionally our courses have more students applying than we can admit in a single semester. In these cases, we create a waiting list. Students that apply to a wait list course will be notified when there is an opening.

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